June 06, 2013

D*Face "New World Disorder" exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery

New World Disorder

07.06.13 - 23.06.13

D*Face, a.k.a the world-renowned urban artist Dean Stockton, presents New World Disorder. This exhibition, showing a new body of work, marks the end of an era at StolenSpace before we relocate to a new location.

The exhibition also includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the unique nerve centre of D*Face's working environment by visiting his studio space.

Stockton has been at the forefront of popular culture not only as an acclaimed wall painter and artist, but also as a respected, internationally-recognised gallerist at StolenSpace. Since its humble beginnings in 2007, he has transformed the local area of Brick Lane in to a thriving hub for street art.

With galleries representing his work in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Melbourne, D*Face re-works popular imagery from advertising and comic books, commenting on the corruptive nature of fame, celebrity and our consumerist society.

The exhibition includes his latest body of work, which reflectsupon times of chaos, disorder and loss, as informed by shifting circumstances in the social climate. Exploring topical and long standing dystopian sentiments, New World Disorder confronts the effects of love and loss from a physical, mental and cultural standpoint, drawing up on the artist's direct experiences.

Elements of the show are inspired by The Tillman Story,the 2010 documentary film about the 2004 death of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman in the war in Afghanistan, the cover-up of the true circumstances of his death, and his family's struggle to unearth the truth.

In the gallery space adapted WW2helmets, some with original bullet holes, reference our conspicuous consumption,where we desire more, but get less. Other work includes enlarged baseball bats, skateboards created from graffiti-covered school desks, and cabinets of curiosities displaying relics from a place in time where there is no distinguishable line between religion and consumerism.

In the studio and upstairs area older works will be shown for the very first time, including street stencils, old prints and sketch books. Video monitors will display recent stunts/installations created by D*Face from around the world, such as in London, Los Angeles and Melbourne, along with a series of new paintings and sculptures.

D*Face explains the ideas behind his work; "My work reflects our popular culture encompassing the American dream and the ideal of good triumphing over evil, no longer relevant in today's society where the 'invade now and ask questions later' philosophy isn't tolerated or indeed wanted. Colliding cultures are no longer receptive to the American way, the Superhero's triumph of good over evil as portrayed through the political circus is now decoded through the eyes of differentcultures,weary and wary of the sub-plot played in today's political climate where warequals brand invasion".

In September D*Face will be releasing his inaugural retrospective book, One Man and His Dog, through Lawrence King Publishing.

D*Face is one of Britain's leading "newbrow" artists, and damn if he isn't as sharpand clever - if not quite as surreptitious - as Banksy (and sharper andcleverer by half than Damien Hirst.) - Peter Frank.

StolenSpace Gallery
The Old Truman Brewery,

91 Brick Lane | London, none E1 6QL,
United Kingdom
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