June 08, 2013

WALLS OF FREEDOM - The definitive book on Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution

The definitive book on Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution

‘Walls of Freedom’ is creating a buzz with its recently launched Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.The campaign is to help fund the final stages of this monumental book project. The actual work on the book began one and a half years ago, building on almost 3 years of research. Collaborating with 50 photographers, 30 artists and 20 authors, historians, Egyptologists and activists, Basma Hamdy and Don Karl are editing and curating the book together.

This book--still in the works-- documents the Egyptian Revolution and the extraordinary art-work that emerged in the past two and a half years. In ad- dition to input and writing from the artists themselves, this book also casts an analytical view on the movement, tracing it back through history and highlighting its political underpinnings.

‘Walls of Freedom’ is a powerful portrayal of the Egyptian Revolution, telling the story with striking images of art that turned Egypt’s walls into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance. It takes a closer look at the most influential artists who have made their iconic marks on the streets. This survey of Egyptian street art is also enriched by images of the revolution taken by acclaimed photographers and activists. Spanning major Egyptian cities like Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor it is a day-to-day reflection of the volatile and fast-shifting political situation. With contributions by experts in many fields, ‘Walls of Freedom’ not only places the graffiti of the revolution in a broader context, it also examines the historical, socio-political and cultural backgrounds which have shaped the movement.


Alaa Awad, Ammar Abou Bakr, Amr Gamal, Aya Tarek, Bahia Shehab, Chab, Charles Akl, Freedom Painters, Ganzeer, Hanaa El Degham, Hany Khalid, Hend Kheira, Hosny, Keizer, Layla Magued, Mohamed Gaber, Mohamed Khalid, Mohamed Moshir, Mona Lisa Brigades, Nazeer, Nemo, Picasso aka Omar Fathy, Sad Panda, Sameh Ismael, Shank, Tefa, Teneen, Zeft and many more...

Walls of Freedom
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