April 06, 2014

NANO 4814 "Nuevas Buenas Nuevas" exhibition at Delimbo Gallery

NANO 4814
Nuevas Buenas Nuevas

April, 10 - July, 15­, 2014
Opening: Thursday 10th April, 9pm

Before we have even seen his works, Nano is telling us what we’re in for. An intentional surfeit of meaning. A rejection of singular interpretation. A purposefully ambiguous, purposefully playful relationship to words (as much as images). Good News. New Goods. An equivalently religious and secular turn of phrase. Terms related to the sacred and the commercial in equal measure. And a connection which Nano has meant to be as obvious as it is abstract, a linkage whose tenuousness, whose inherent strangeness he embraces.

Just as with the title, as with the artefacts housed within. The shapes and forms that Nano presents here are both linked and detached, they work in concert but we don’t know how, or even why. Balloons squashed together in seemingly impossible formations, their flexibility and vulnerability pushed to the very edge. Disembodied figures intertwined with Nano’s famous patterns and colours, figures residing within curious, ethereal spaces. Installations and sculptures which defy all logic yet which remain somehow strangely familiar, strangely remembered.

And just like the title once again, what all Nano’s work also exhibit is the warped humour, the non-sense that he so loves. What they all follow is LeWitt’s entreaty to “Stop it and just DO!”, to “Do more. More nonsensical, more crazy”... That is what Nuevas Buenas Nuevas brings us, a reminder that meaning of a piece is only one part of the whole, that the feeling they provoke is meaning’s equal. A simultaneous feeling of the uncanny and of beauty. Of delight and disquiet all at once. Nano’s tricksteresque condition emerging once again.

Text by Rafael Schacter

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