April 10, 2014

Rime "Reaction Lines" exhibition at Galerie WallWorks

"Reaction Lines"

April 11 - June 7
Opening: Thursday, April 10, 2014 (7pm -10pm)

RIME, a.k.a. Jersey Joe, is a U.S. based graffiti artist. Known for continually pushing the limits of lettering, RIME's pieces are a combination of vivid colors, cartoon-style outlines and bold tags.

For his first solo-show in France at the Galerie Wallworks, RIME will show a recent series of paintings on canvas, drawings on paper, and customized urban equipment.

In Paris a week before the show, RIME will recreate a New York street in the gallery, painting on-site a few pieces such as: phone booths, fire-hydrants, mailboxes, subway signs, and an iconic four-way traffic light.

RIME a.k.a. Jersey Joe

Born in 1979 in Brooklyn, NYC, RIME learns graffiti in 1991 in Staten Island, NYC, before ventu- ring into other parts of New York, including Soho in Manhattan. He spent several years evolving his technique and style in the streets of New York and, in 1995, in the neighborhoods of New Jersey. In 2003 he made his first trip outside the United States and traveled in Europe for two months. He earned international recognition under the pseudonyms of RIME and Jersey Joe. On his return, he began to exhibit in galleries. In 2005, he left the East Coast and moved to Los Angeles. He then joined the crew MSK - Mad Society Kings - composed of artists like Reyes, Revok, Saber, Pose... and later joined another artists’ collective called The Seventh Letter. RIME also founded several collaborative projects such as The Exchange, a graffiti education program for public schools pupils in Los Angeles, or Revamp the '90s, which aims to revive old works. Aside from his graffiti art and fine art projects, RIME has also collaborated on a variety of branding campaigns, advertisements, apparel designs, and films.

Reaction Lines

« Starting with an empty space to paint, each stroke is thrown down unapologetically; influencing what follows. Beginning with aggressive abstracted compositions that most often create the structure for an an energetic open-ended story. Technically, the work created here is done in an effort to exercise gut instincts in the painting process, allowing fate and circumstance in as an excuse to try odd shit without being shook (afraid). Trusting in your mind and body’s natural ability to problem solve without the use of modern technological crutches. »
– RIME, January 2014.

« Social relationships and experiences are most often the main source of inspiration in the crea- tion of my work. Rather than going to a museum or a gallery to pull ideas, I’m drawn more towards strange, dysfunctional, or exciting personal involvement to fuel my art. For the past few years I’ve made a conscious effort to travel away from routine, venture through odd sce- narios and use my art as a way to illustrate what’s going on. I figure the more personal I can get with my work, the more I’ll have to emotionally invest into each piece, making the finished piece true (even if exaggerated). » – RIME, January 2014.

Galerie WallWorks
4 rue Martel, 75010

Paris, France
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